Best PC Cleaner Programs for Windows

Do you want to get rid of slow boot times, ill functionality, and unstable systems? Why not use the best PC cleaner programs and optimize your Windows performance. These programs live up to the hype and fine-tune the system’s settings without utilizing much effort. Knowing the fact that many Windows PCs have built-in time-up tools, you might be wondering why to choose this system tuning software.

Well, to your surprise the tuning software augments the system performance by the advanced features they offer for running the system. They not only improve your PC’s life but also disinfect your system from malware and increase its productivity. But, how? They perform many tasks such as junk files, caches, temp files, and malware removal. Additionally, they save you from extra consumption of data.

List of the Best PC Cleaner Programs

There’s no denying that the market is loaded with many tuning programs. That makes it difficult to choose the right product. Don’t fret! We are here to assist you. Below-mentioned is our hand-picked list of the best system tuning programs that give new life to your system. In case you are wondering how we compiled this list. Well, pal, we have gone through the rigorous research process and picked up the software that is highly rated and functional. Further, from customer reviews, we have got the confidence to rely on these tools. So our research, customer reviews, and your demand lend us to funnel down this list. 

  1. CCleaner
  2. AVG TuneUp
  3. Wise Care 365
  4. Norton Computer Tune-Up
  5. Advanced PC Cleanup
  6. Ace Utities
  7. Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  8. iObit SystemCare

Also, this list contains both free and paid software. Whether you need basic software or software with advanced features, this list has something for you. 

Best PC Cleaner Programs

We haven’t provided you with the list of the best software, but we are making it easy for you to decide on getting the best tools. In this review section, we have reviewed the nitty-gritty of the software. Let’s dig more about the software and know which software caters to your needs.

1. CCleaner – Best Free PC Cleaner

When it comes to tuning software we can’t help stop ourselves from including the CCleaner in our list. Amazingly, its tremendous features make it more appealing. Piriform originally designed the CCleaner, and it is a cleaning program. The CCleaner is a free app like many Windows apps, but it is free up to specific baseline privacy and security like tracking files, browser history, and cleaning. CCleaner has many features like it can perform a Health Check in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, revealing privacy trackers and trash to delete, as well as startup programs to deactivate and applications to update, after a brief introduction describing the capabilities. CCleaner also scans your Windows Registry for inaccurate, invalid, or damaged entries and deletes them. Harmful entries may generate false warnings and cause your machine to slow down. So, it removes registries and uninstalls software.


  • Performs multiple tuning and cleaning tasks
  • Simple and clean interface 
  • Tune-up the PC to its best shape 
  • Amazing security tools 


  • Display ads in free version
  • Ads might cause trouble a little

Bottom line of CCleaner

CCleaner tunes up the system and optimizes its performance. It makes sure that all unnecessary data is removed from the system and your PC’s performance is improved to a great extent.

2. AVG TuneUp– Best System Tuning Program

AVG Tune-up is a fantastic software for computer users who want to simplify their maintenance procedures. Tune-up contains several features that may assist with everything from performance improvements to free space management to secure file deletion and a variety of other tasks. In addition, AVG Tune-up is entirely risk-free. AVG Tune-up not only cleans your system but also helps your computer to speed up.

The PC cleanup feature of the tune-up helps to free up disc space and enhance speed, but this function also cleans trash files, browser traces, cache files, and software remnants. It also has a sleep mood and internet booster in it, which is very helpful. This software with its amazing tuning and maintenance features is perfect for small businesses. All in all, its intuitive interface and bunch of clean-up features make it worth having software at budget-friendly rates.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Useful advanced tools like file shredder and updater
  • Incredibly improves your system’s performance
  • Easy to install and use
  • Simplify maintenance procedure


  • A bit expensive
  • Lacks customization features

Bottom line of AVG TuneUp

This software cleans the hard drive and improves your PC performance without denting your wallet. Additionally, it assures that your system remains secure from hackers and its security is improved to a maximum extent.

3. Wise Care 365 – Ultimate Junk File Cleaner

Wise Care 365 is the most trustworthy operating performance optimization software. Its most significant benefit is its efficacy and accessibility. It helps you clean up unnecessary files, optimizes the system, deletes leftover files, and cleans the registry. There are many valuable features in this software. For example, the System Monitor feature of Wise Care 365 allows you to keep track of all operations, including system processes.

It also allows you to track the overall system status, like CPU Utilization temperature and hard disk drive temperature. Moreover, the Wise cleaner 365 also helps your system to run faster and your network to run faster. One of the most astonishing features of this software is that it auto-cleans unwanted file entries, registry, and browsing history. Another bonus? Its advanced cleaner allows you to scan the hard drives to increase its functionality. 


  • Bunch of tools in a single software 
  • Available as a freeware 
  • Automated and free tools 
  • Available as a portable program 
  • Provides full control of its cleaning function 


  • Advanced tools are available in the paid version

Bottom line of Wise Care 365

Its unique features and bunch of features add value to this software. It does not allow you to manually run its features. Instead, automated running makes it simpler to use.

4. Norton Computer Tune-Up

Norton Computer Tune Up rejuvenates your outdated Desktop or Laptop with a multi-point examination and restoration service that improves performance and reliability for a fraction of the price of a new computer or repair shop maintenance. It has a lot of unique features. Norton Utilities Premium optimizes your computer’s storage and computational power automatically. It can discover and uninstall unnecessary starting applications and address common issues to improve your system. 

Moreover, it helps you increase your online privacy by using the browser settings file and upload delete option. A file shredder safely destroys personal papers, preventing others from accessing them. It injects new life into your system with its wide range of features. From cloud backup to secure VPN, malware protection to a password manager, it does everything for your system’s optimization. The best thing about it is that it works in remote access technology that allows technicians to fully analyze your system. And this way, it offers the best optimization options. 


  • Improves hardware performance 
  • Supports many Windows operating systems 
  • Excellent technical support 
  • 24/7 available technician service


  • A bit pricier 
  • You can only use it once on a device

Norton Computer Tune-Up Bottom line

This software gives your system a virtual service and aims to boost your system performance by optimizing it. It doesn’t take much time to remove unused files.

5. Advanced PC Cleanup

Looking for a tuning software with multi-functionality? Systweak brings this latest optimization software. Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the most fantastic Windows PC optimization programs for cleaning trash files, incorrect registry entries, freeing up disc space, and increasing RAM and CPU performance. It also clears the cache, cookies, and evidence of data theft. Moreover, Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the famous pc cleaner programs that provides unbeatable PC optimization.

It also runs antivirus, spyware, and other risk analysis on your Windows platform. Moreover, the Advanced PC Cleanup helps you in deleting all of your system cache and trash files. The scan will reveal folders that are using up too much space, split into different categories like junk folders and cached. This software significantly improves computer speed by removing all unneeded apps and trash.


  • Offers protection from threats like spyware and malware 
  • Invalid registry cleaner and scanner 
  • User-friendly and easy interface 
  • Simple installation process 


  • Limited features in the trial version 
  • Lacks driver updater modular 

Advanced PC Cleanup Bottom line

Advanced PC Cleanup is another tuning software that removes junk files, tunes up the system, and fixes invalid entries. So, it boosts startup time and allows manual scanning, scheduled scanning, and one-click cleaning.

6. Ace Utilities – PC Cleaner Programs

Is your PC bugging down with registry problems and unwanted files? Yes? worries not, it’s time to clutter-free your system. Ace Utilities is a set of programs that can help you improve and increase your computer speed. It includes software for cleaning the system registry, cached on your hard drive, deleting unnecessary files. Also, it cleans your Web browser history and cache. 

Ace Utilities has everything set out and neatly, so you should have no trouble using it. In addition, it provides you with different features. You can choose your favorite tool from Optimise, Cleanup, Shredder, and Miscellaneous categories.

For example, you can save up disc space by removing trash files and managing starting programs. It also helps you in clearing your history and more. This ease of use makes it easier to keep your computer in good working order. It erases cookies, fixes broken uninstallers, scans drive by its disc analysis tool, 


  • Plain and simple interface 
  • Lots of tools to choose from its categories
  • Remove unwanted and duplicate files 
  • Provides backup and restoration of files 


  • Slows performance sometimes

Bottom line for Ace Utilities

Overall it is a great tuning software with optimization capabilities. Its collection of tools make sure that your PC remains in its best possible position. As a whole, it easily manages all the functions and programs of Windows.

7. Ashampoo WinOptimizer – Top PC Cleaner Programs

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a program that is used for security and optimization. It includes a new privacy manager that combines Windows 10 privacy features with AntiSpy. It also includes new features, such as the inability to use telemetry tools. The great part of the Ashampoo WinOptimizer is the Privacy Manager. So, it makes sure that no harmful threat is causing trouble to your system. 

It also has a boot center feature. The Boot Center offers you all of the solutions to your PC’s coding questions. Ashampoo WinOptimizer also helps you with Cleaners. Cleaners were always an essential element of optimization. So, whenever your PC runs slow, this software makes sure that it boosts up the performance and tunes it to its best form. Its built-in tools come in handy for optimization. Also, its valuable tools allow you to switch off many apps that do not run automatically. 


  • Very easy to use and intuitive interface 
  • Incredibly amazing features like browser extension manager, automatic cleaning, disk defragmentation, and much more
  • Optimize your computer’s speed 
  • It restores fast speed 


  • Pretty expensive software

Bottom line for Ashampoo WinOptimizer

If you are looking for the best tuning software with suitable packages, this software is for you.

8. iObit SystemCare – Best PC Cleaner Programs

IObit System Care Free includes several optimization tools that will help your machine run faster. Deep optimization provides virtual hard drive, networking, and optimization techniques, while Turbo Booster frees up a tiny amount of RAM by terminating background activities. This way, it times up your system and ensures that your PC would remain in the best shape. iObit is one of the best pc cleaner programs which is well known for its amazing performance.

It is a collection of operating systems that may help you speed up your computer, clear up trash files, remove malware, and patch security flaws. The IObit System Care has a UI system, including Skins, window transparency, and custom backgrounds. It also has a support system which is provided through a contact form. In case of any query, they reply to your problem within 48 hours. What’s more, it provides all the useful features and its exceptional service support at affordable rates.


  • Simple and easy interface 
  • Lots of tools and features at an affordable price
  • Robust performance
  • Easy to install 


  • Allow limited files to be deleted
  • Some basic features are available in premium version

Bottom line for iObit SystemCare

This comprehensive junk file cleaner has an AI Mode that is pretty amazing. It is simple and easy to use and provides a lot of space for your system.

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Conclusion- Best System Tuning Software for Windows PC

We all are well-acquainted with the fact that with the passage of time our Windows PC starts running slow. A tunning software ensures that it gets back to its shape and its functionality is improved. Hopefully, this guide would help you find the best tunning software. If you are a bit confused about the best one, consider CCleaner, AVG Tuneup, and Wise Care 365. 

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