Top 6 Best Text to Speech Software

Reading books is replaced by listening with the advancement in technology. With this technology, people have developed the habit of listening to books when driving, cooking, traveling, etc. To give yourself the best experience in this regard, use the best text to speech software.

These software are developed with several intentions in mind. Disabled people come first on the list. Then comes the idea of making our life easier. Instead of wasting our time listening to music, which doesn’t please some people at all. Why not listen to books that give us useful insight into life. That is why text to speech software was developed.

Another useful purpose of text to speech software is giving commands to our electronic devices in the form of audio. Siri and Alexa are the most popular devices that inputs command only in audio form. This technology is bought into your life to save you from given written commands. With these software’s you can convert the whole book into an audio file. That is what gave rise to audiobooks that are now popular among people of every age.

The most fascinating feature of such software is that the converted audio file contains a natural voice. And not the computerized one that annoys you instead of giving a soothing experience. The aim is to make you feel like you are listening from a perfect reader and not some machine.

List of Best Text to Speech Software

We no more need a particular individual to read us books or sings us poems because now we have electronic devices that talk to us almost like human beings. That was made possible by Text to Speech software.

Whenever choosing the best software, or even the best product, one requires a lot of research. If not research, then definitely a piece of advice from someone experienced. All this because you want to be sure that you are investing your money in the right place. Every individual has a unique demand in mind. For example, you may be looking for text to speech software for individual use, or maybe for a workplace, and so on.

We kept in mind all these factors and composed an article based on the best text-to-speech software. All the essential details are mentioned so that you can choose the one that is accurate for you accordingly. Let’s not waste much time and get started.

  1. Linguatec Voice Reader
  2. NaturalReader
  3. Amazon Polly
  4. Capti Voice
  5. Panopreter Basic
  6. Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader

Best Text to Speech Software

Go through the following details of the above-stated software and choose the one that is appropriate for you.

1. Linguatec Voice Reader

Linguatec Voice Reader is the widely used text to speech software. It is known for its smooth performance in converting texts into an audio file. This software is capable of converting texts from various sources, like Word documents, PDFs, Emails, and even EPUBs. It is available in 67 unique voices, each of which is natural sounding.

It is quite recently that Linguatec Voice Reader has upgraded to occupy support for even more languages. The sum of these languages then becomes 45. You make this software read scripts, notes, lectures, presentations, etc. by doing so you can identify mistakes, memories the text, and edit alter your document in case of missing words.

Moreover, the voice that is produced by Linguatec Voice Reader is of high quality. You can listen to the voice for hours without any distortion. If the software encounters any word that is not pronounced correctly, you can correct the pronunciation to eliminate future errors. Not just this, but Linguatec Voice Reader can identify the pauses, pitch, and hedges to produce the speech, accordingly

Features of Linguatec Voice Reader

  • Multiple language support.
  • Fastly detects the errors.
  • Use the export function to save documents in audio file formats.
  • Comes with 67 unique voices.
  • Single user license for private usage.

2. NaturalReader

NaturalReader is the fines choice you have got when it comes to choosing the best text to speech software. This software can read your text in various styles and numerous voice genders. It is more of a personal software that gets you to convert text into various audio file formats. The interface of this software is also pretty simple. Simply paste the text, no matter how lengthy it is, and get its audio instantly. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for you to upload documents.

Moreover, the software is based on Cloud technology that enables you to access it from anywhere. You can install the extensions offered by this software to have access to even more features and tools. This software also offers website reading widgets that could be attached to any website. With this feature, people with sight impairment can benefit a lot. It comes with support for 18 different languages and 61 distinct voices.

You can avail of the free version of this website if you wish to make it read less than 2000 pages per day, which is quite a large sum of pages. When talking about the way NaturalReader pronounces words, especially names, there could be some issues. But this shouldn’t be a problem because it’s the sort of issue that even human beings face when they encounter a new word. However, you can make it pronounce the word or name as you wish with a pronunciation editor.

Features of NaturalReader

  • OCR technology that makes it possible for the software to read from scanned document or images.
  • Useful in creating narrations for YouTube videos.
  • Ensures crystal-clear, high-quality reading.
  • WebReader for making it read websites.
  • Supports a wide range of files.

3. Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is the featured software you can use to make your life easier. You can develop an idea about the functionality of this software from the fact that it is used by Alexa. This software turns the words into real-like speech. Amazon Polly comes featured with an API that integrates speech synthesis capabilities into articles, eBooks, and other such media.

Moreover, this software is easy to get familiar with. Its interface is pretty simple even a beginner would require no time in getting to know Amazon Polly. In order to get the text converted into speech, all that you have got to do is, send the text to API. After that, the audio stream would be sent directly to your PC. As simple as that. This software supports SSML as well as plain text.

When talking about the pricing, Amazon Polly opts for a unique approach by charging you per word. That is pretty economical because this way you get to pay only for the words that you converted. Moreover, you get to store audio streams in PCM, MP3, and Vorbis file formats. Not just this, but it comes with support for a range of international languages and dialects. Don’t miss out on the chance to avail yourself of the excellent services of Amazon Polly.

Features of Amazon Polly

  • Modify Amazon Polly voices to meet your needs.
  • It is an easy-to-use platform.
  • Enhance the visual experience, like karaoke-style word highlighting.
  • You get to optimize your streaming audio.
  • Adjust Speaking Style, Pitch, Speech Rate, and Loudness.

4. Capti Voice

Capti Voice is yet another text-to-speech software. It comes with a simplified interface to make your job much easier. This software suits well for individual use. In order to convert the text, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to quickly get started. Not just this, but you can also upload documents from Google Drive, Instapaper, Dropbox, Bookshare, OneDrive, and other such Cloud platforms. Above all, Capti Voice offers its services completely free of cost.

Moreover, students can use this software to prepare their dramas, skits, etc. You simply upload the script into Capti Voice, hear the dialogues so that you can produce naturalness in your dialogues, and score good grades. Similarly, dramatists can make use of this software to gather more audience. An important thing to note here is that the free version doesn’t come with editing features. To get access to editing tools, you have to subscribe to the premium version.

Last but not the least, Capti Voice can function both online and offline. That is pretty amazing because one cannot always have a working connection, especially when you are not at home. You can record the converted audio produced by this software for future use.

Features of Capti Voice

  • Integrates well with various platforms.
  • Highlights the texts while reading for a better experience.
  • You can avail of the services for free.
  • Capti Voice is remarkably precise.
  • Delivers the speech/words concisely and clearly.

5. Panopreter Basic

Panopreter Basic comes with the free cost of text to speech service. The reason we added this software to our list is because of its simple interface and smooth performance. No matter what sort of text type you have, be it Word document, webpage, Panopreter Basic, will convert that into audio that you can export in MP3 or WAV format.

When it comes to the interface and settings of this software, you can always customize it as per your requirements. For example, you can change the language, set the custom interface color, change the destination of saved files, and so on. To give you a better experience when you are listening to the text, it adds a piece of music. That way, the environment becomes more lifeful.

Moreover, this software can be installed easily on your PC. it does not occupy much space of system memory. It comes featured with everything one wished to have in text-to-speech software. Its simplicity is something that makes it popular among users.

Features of Panopreter Basic

  • This software supports batch file conversion.
  • It supports a wide variety of voices and languages.
  • Plays the music when the reading is finished.
  • This software is pretty easy to use.
  • It offers good customer care support.

6. Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader

Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader is the last software that we have got on our list. We absolutely love this software because of the unique approach it takes in converting the text into audio. It can read aloud any text that you paste on the clipboard. That is how simple it makes this process of conversion. It supports various file formats and converts the files into WAV format.

This software is available completely free of cost. It ensures a high-quality voice that feels almost natural. You develop fondness with it and will look no further than Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader. This software is widely used by those who are visually impaired. Its simpleness’ is something that makes it the software for literally everyone.

Lastly, the software can be downloaded and installed quite easily. You just need to click on the download link on the official website, and after a few minutes, you will be ready to get your job done.

Features of Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader

  • Reads webpages, documents, emails, and clipboard content out aloud.
  • The speed reading ensures fast results even for large files.
  • Use advanced CereVoice by CereProc to achieve voices that sound real.
  • You get to proofread your texts to make them flawless.
  • It has a simple user interface.

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Verdict: Best Text to Speech Software

When choosing the accurate text-to-speech software, always look for the languages and voices it supports. If you are looking for individual software, you can make it work even with a smaller number of languages. However, professional users should never comprise over this fact. Hopefully, you get the expected results with the best text to speech software that you choose.

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