9 Best Office Management Software

The backbone of every successful organization or business is its office managers. Their task is to make sure that all the office operations run efficiently and smoothly. And when it comes to the best office management, we count on the ability to handle a wide variety of tasks. Instead of handling everything manually, people have started looking for virtual solutions. In this regard, the best office management software is all you need for getting your job done.

Success comes with a lot of effort and hard work. The employees, managers, and even the boss have to work 24/7. One cannot stay at the office the whole day, that is where the idea of software comes in. There is plenty of software you can opt for to make your life much easier.

Let’s get familiar with office management first, and then we can move on to the best office management software. Office management is the task of efficiently managing and improving the overall working system of the office. All this, to benefit employees in a way that they don’t feel burdened. Office managers usually handle tasks, like guiding and motivating the employees, performing administrative tasks, and communicating the issues and resolutions between departments.

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List of Best Office Management Software

The task of office management may seem simple, but it’s really frustrating. The expectations of employees and bosses rely on their Office Manager. They play the key role of communicating, which otherwise would not be that convenient. Therefore, one requires assistance in the form of software.

However, choosing the best office management software could be really tricky. That is because that is quite a lot of options in the market. One cannot make the right decision on their own. That is why we are here to provide you with the guide or assistance you have been looking for. The software that we have composed would provide the solution you acutely need.

  1. Monday.com
  2. Insightly
  3. Scrum
  4. Due
  5. SwipedOn
  6. Google Hangouts
  7. Slack
  8. Whereby
  9. Amazon Business

Best Office Management Software

In order to make you choose the best out of the above-listed software, we would give you detailed insight. The given information is based on our detailed research. Let’s get started.

1. Monday.com – Best Office Management Software

Monday.com provides you with all the required assistance to create a virtual office. You get to communicate with your colloquies, manage the projects as a team, and set the goals to get the desired outcome. The features and interface of this software make it feel just like the office. You can store your important documents on Monday.com having the assurance that it is a secure platform.

This software offers free 14-day trials so that you can make your decision after being sure about its performance. The functioning of this software is pretty smooth, so you don’t have to worry about the level of expertise of your employees. It can also be used in a Law firm with its full potential. And you will definitely find it as the best law office management software.

Key Features of Monday.com

  • It offers integrations and animations.
  • You get to keep the track of time for projects.
  • Comes featured with the Kanban and Timeline view.
  • Allows you to collaborate with your office members.

2. Insightly – Office Management Tool

When dealing with business tasks, the fact that holds immense importance is dealing with and managing clients. In this regard, Insightly is the answer to all your questions. It comes featured with a customer relationship management system that makes your task easy. This software handles all your clients and offers the performance that helps you retain your clients.

Moreover, Insightly comes equipped with advanced features. For example, it is capable of detecting all the social media accounts of your client. This way, you can have better insight into your client’s profile. You can also use Insightly as best law firm management software.

Key Features of Insightly

  • It offers good marketing options.
  • You get to generate sales for your business.
  • Integrates to applications like Dropbox and Evernote.
  • It enhances the customer experience.

3. Scrum

Scrum is one of the widely used office management tools. It is known to be the best because it helps companies adapt to change which results in minimizing the unnecessary lag. This software offers you a better way to work and cooperate in the form of a community. You can also use Scrum as a free office management software.

Moreover, you get to connect to experienced personas of your field to get expert advice. You can even enroll in the courses for guidance and get certificates upon completion of the course. Scrum is exactly what you require for the success that you desire for your business. Mostly, it is used by small law firm case management software.

Key Features of Scrum

  • Work in collaborative teams for ensuring success.
  • Scrum comes with frequent updates.
  • It has a sleek and clean interface.
  • Daily stand-ups to monitor the progress of the project.

4. Due

Due is the software you can opt for keeping a regular check on your bank details. This way, you get to plan your budget more efficiently. The simple retirement metrics of Due enable you to have an insight into the amount of money you will have every month, considering the withdrawal you are planning to make. Moreover, this software works pretty smoothly.

Overall, Due has wide usage having about 12K registered users. That is the must-have software because you get to plan. You can control the amount of money you have at retirement. Due is more of personal assistant software. If you own a Law company then this is one of the best document management software for law firms.

Key Features of Due

  • Offers retirement and saving guides so that you could plan better.
  • You can safe for the uncertain future.
  • It has a simple and attractive interface.
  • Offers better performance and accurate results.

5. SwipedOn

SwipedOn is an office management platform that offers flexible work management solutions. This software offers a 14-day free trial so that users can make their decision to opt for the paid version accordingly. Once you have decided to go on with SwipedOn, you can request a demo to have complete insight into the software.

Moreover, this software offers secure data storage. Its performance, smoothness, and advanced technology make this software a top choice for about 7,000 companies spread around the world. Don’t miss out on the chance to avail yourself of the services of SwipedOn.

Key Features of SwipedOn

  • Generates instant notifications
  • Easily accessible records of all individuals who have been in the building.
  • Health screening questions to prevent potentially high-risk individuals from entering the workplace.
  • Offers evacuation management.

6. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is yet another best office management tool out there in the market. We all trust google because of its reputation and usage around the world. Google offers a free version to most of the platforms and it can be used as the best free office management software. The same goes for Google Hangouts. However, the free version would lack some features to meet the expectations of professionals.

When talking about the pricing of this software, it is not at all costly. You will be required to pay only five dollars per month. With the paid version, you can have unlimited videoconferences between an unlimited number of screens. Not just this, but with the public hangout feature, you can share your product with industry leaders.

Key Features of Google Hangouts

  • You get to connect to your office remotely.
  • Schedule meetings and connect them with the calendar to get the prior notification.
  • Google Hangouts is easy-to-use software.
  • It is a secure platform to share your confidential data.
  • Meetings are encrypted in transit and contain an array of default-on anti-abuse measures to keep meetings safe.

7. Slack – Best Office Management Software

Office managers mostly look for communication and managing solutions. That is exactly what Slack offers. This software offers you a simple approach to office managing. With the clutter-free experience, you and your team get to focus on results and what it takes to achieve those results. You can use multiple channels to conversate with employees or clients.

Slack has a unique set of features for small, medium, and large companies. Therefore, you will not have to worry if you have just established your business because Slack has got you. With this software, you get to hatch a partnership or close the deal, just like you do in daily life.

Key Features of Slack

  • Slack Huddles allows you to recreate the impromptu hallway gatherings.
  • You get to chat face to face with a click.
  • It offers a free version.
  • Streamline your work by connecting Slack with Google Drive, Office, etc.
  • Automate communication and routine actions.

8. Whereby

Whereby is yet another office management software that is known to be the best? Connecting to far-away clients, employees, or any other such persona would no more be a problem. That is because Whereby offers a great platform for video calling or conferencing. Whereby is developed with ease and accessibility in mind? You can connect to people with just a click.

Moreover, you can invite others to join you in a meeting. Users don’t have to install any app or log in to the website. Everything is easily accessible. Just the way you wish. Its simpleness and smooth performance make it the top choice for about 5 million people at companies. It can also be used as medical clinic management software and real estate office management software.

Key Features of Whereby

  • This software offers its services for free.
  • The easy video call API connects you with customers without leaving your own platform.
  • It makes collaborating pretty simple and fun.
  • You don’t require to download or log in to any website.
  • Personalize your meeting room with custom names, URLs, and branding.

9. Amazon Business

Business managing is not all about communicating, collaborating, and all. But it’s also about buying the right products. That is where Amazon Business comes in. You can rely on this software for buying everything that your office requires, varying from note pads to matching company jumpsuits. With Amazon Business, you can reshape the whole buying process.

You can create multiple accounts to allow your employees to buy the product for the accomplishment of their job. The order is placed only after your approval. This way, the purchasing is not left unchecked. It offers flexible payment options and discounts on big orders. Amazon Business is one of the best paperless office software.

Key Features of Amazon Business

  • This software offers purchasing solutions, like spend management tools and advanced analytics.
  • You can even sell on Amazon Business to get more customers.
  • Get access to business-only products.
  • You can sign up for Amazon Business for free.

Final Verdict – Best Office Management Software

We have had a detailed discussion about the best office management software. We all are well aware of the advantages that technology bought into our life. One should know when to utilize and which product of technology. Old-fashioned people might insist on doing office managing in the traditional way. However, using the software would prove more advantages. Hopefully, you get the best out of whatever software you choose from the list.

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