Top 9 Best Driver Updating Software for Windows

You probably are well-informed of how crucial driver updates are for the speed of your PC. In this regard, the thing that concerns you the most is which software to use. Well, we bring an answer to all your concerns by bringing you the best PC driver updating software. Drivers made a crucial part of the overall functioning of PC. Almost every component like a mouse, Bluetooth, speakers, etc., have an individual driver that ensures efficient and smooth working of the respective component. These drivers need a regular update to keep pace with the updates of Windows.

PC driver updating software ensures that you get the best results out of the drivers by downloading the latest version of updates automatically. Isn’t that cool? The software will accomplish all the tasks that you are worried about without even letting you know. The PC driver updating software is different from Windows update in the sense that Windows download the updates to enhance the overall efficiency of the PC. While doing so, several drivers are left without an update. That is where you develop the need to separately install software that can cover every hardware manufacturer and component when updating.

Now comes the most important part. We have informed you about the importance of driver updating software. But which software suits the best for your PC and Windows is another debate. When you go out there in the market, you come across various software that claims to be the best. But are they really the best? Let’s have a look at the below-provided list.

List of Best Driver Updating Software

Assuming that you don’t have much experience with this software. It will become quite tricky and confusing for you to choose the best driver updating software for your PC. That is where we give you a hand by providing you with a good research list. This list will help you make a wise decision regarding choosing the best driver updating software from the crowd.

  1. Avast Driver Updater
  2. Driver Genius 20 Platinum
  3. AVG Driver Updater
  4. DriverFinder
  5. IObit Driver Booster
  6. DriverFix
  7. Auslogics
  8. Driver Easy
  9. Smart Driver Care

Best Driver Updating Software for Windows

1. Avast Driver Updater & Scanner

Avast is a well-known company that has millions of satisfied users spread across the world. This software will not disappoint us, just the way its antivirus didn’t. This software does its job quite well by updating the drivers. It scans the PC at a scheduled time to locate which driver needs an update. This incredible software notifies you with a list of drivers that are outdated and require your attention. After that, you can proceed with driver updating just with a click.

The rate at which this software function is fast. That means you will not have to wait for hours and hours just for one simple update. Moreover, Avast Driver Updater allows you to create backups so that you can recover the previous update if the new one does not, please you enough. This software does not hang or crash while downloading the updates. You can completely rely on this best PC driver updating software.

Features of Avast Driver Updater

  • The user interface of Avast Driver Update is simple yet, featured.
  • This software makes sure that only one driver updates at a time to avoid any hardware issues.
  • You get to download and install this software on 1300 brands. Acer, Canon, Dell, LG, and Sony are just, to name a few.
  • Avast Driver Updates makes sure that almost every driver of the PC works smoothly.
  • You get to update graphic drivers to ensure the best quality graphics when playing games.

Our Opinion Regarding Avast Driver Updater

We would recommend Avast Driver Updater because of the driver scanning diversity it comes with.

2. Driver Genius – Best Driver Updater for PC

Diver Genius is simple yet effective PC driver updating software. It traces every driver installed on your PC to make sure that you are utilizing their best versions. You don’t really need to be proficient with this software because downloading and installing it is all you will have to do. That is because it does the rest of the job automatically. Software of this sort is usually bought by the working places. That is because such places have a large number of PCs that are used for everyday jobs.

One can not update the drivers of each PC manually. That is why they imply the best solution of installing Driver Genius 20 Platinum. When it comes to the pricing of this software, it has three pricing plans that give enough variety to choose from. There is also the time-limited free version that contains all the features of the paid version except the backup driver feature.

Features of Driver Genius

  • With the Driver Cleanup feature, you get to rid yourself of invalid driver packages.
  • The SSD Speeder makes sure that the driver updates are aligned with a recommended setting of your PC.
  • With Driver Genius 20 Platinum, you get to optimize the entire PC with just a click.
  • You get to schedule the analysis of your drivers.
  • It notifies you of the drivers that are not working.

Our Opinion Regarding Driver Genius

We would recommend Driver Genius 20 Platinum because of its advanced features.

3. AVG Driver Updater

AVG is another popular name when it comes to securing and updating your PC. This software does its job quite well by scanning for the driver updates and then bringing in the best out of them. All this is to make sure that you don’t face any lagging when working on the PC. One of the features that we liked the most about AVG Driver Updater is that it does not bother you with unnecessary notifications.

In fact, it works in the background such that the speed of the PC is not affected at all. If you are inserted in knowing the details about the drivers that are to be installed on your PC, you can do so. Moreover, this software works simply. You will not require any prior experience to get it installed on your PC. You get to change the default setting of AVG Driver Updater to set the privacy. By doing so, you can control the information about your PC that AVG gets.

Features of AVG Driver Updater

  • AVG Driver Updater makes sure that your PC has fewer device problems.
  • With this software, you get to make gamming and video streaming smoother.
  • It fixes the sound issues to make sure that you enjoy the music to the fullest.
  • You get your queries answered with the Help option or by the live chat support.
  • It eliminates the connection problems with your PC.

Our Opinion Regarding AVG Driver Updater

We would like to recommend the AVG Driver Updater tool because of its simplicity. However, it lacks some basic features in its starter version.

4. DriverFinder

DriverFinder is the basic software that suits well for individual PC users. This software does its job by scanning and notifying you of the drivers that the system is lacking. Not just this, but with the valid information that DriverFinder provides you can get your system rid of the useless drivers that doing nothing but occupying the system’s space. This software provides reliable support for plugged as well as unplugged devices.

Moreover, DriverFinder comes with regular updates itself to meet the current standards. The functioning of this software is pretty straightforward. You get familiar with the functioning and features of this software with just a little bit of exploration. You get to choose the backup location of the drivers. So that when needed you can move back to the previous update. As simple as that. You get to update the drivers of plugged devices without them being connected to your PC.

Features of DriverFinder

  • The interface of DriverFinder is easy to navigate.
  • It doesn’t occupy much space in the system’s memory.
  • You can always connect to the customer support of this software via email.
  • The setup process of DriverFinder is pretty simple.

Our Opinion Regarding DriverFinder

We would recommend DriverFinder because of its easy-to-use interface.

5. IObit Driver Booster – Best Driver Updating Software

IObit Driver Booster is yet another best PC driver updating software. It is very powerful software that boosts the system performance by updating drivers. This software comes with extra tools to fix issues with drivers. All this is to enhance the overall performance of the PC. This software comes with a free and paid version. The free version works smoothly and is equipped with all the useful features.

The only flaw is that you will have to select each driver manually to proceed with its update. On the other hand, the paid version will save you from this effort. The Rollback button in this version can undo any quick changes to give you a sleek experience.

Features of IObit Driver Booster

  • IObit Driver Booster comes featured with a resolution fixer, sound fixer, driver error fixer, and network fixer.
  • It is available in paid as well as the free version.
  • This software works smartly by updating the drivers to one that suits system requirements.
  • It comes with a customer support service.

Our Opinion Regarding IObit Driver Booster

We would recommend this software because it is affordable and provides access to millions of drivers.

6. DriverFix – Best Driver Updater Tool

That is another best PC driver updating software that does a decent job. Just like other software that we have discussed, DriverFix keeps a regular check on the Drivers of your PC to download regular updates. That is how it maintains an efficient connection between the operating system and the hardware of the PC. As far as the cost of DriverFix is concerned, it is available in a free version.

It does scan the drivers of the PC to keep you notified about the updates. But the problem with the free version is that you will have to update each driver manually. That can prove a real headache. Therefore, we recommend you to avail of its paid version. That version is available in three plans. You can choose the one that matches your budget.

Features of DriverFix

  • DriverFix comes with a driver backup feature.
  • Its interface is modern yet, simple.
  • You get the answer to your queries with the FAQ section on DriverFix’s official website.
  • The schedule manager schedules the driver scans.

Our Opinion Regarding DriverFix

We recommend this software because it promises to do what it claims.

7. Auslogics Driver Updating Tool for PC

Auslogics is yet another software that we got on our list. Although this software is not that well-known, it does its job quite well. It makes sure that drivers are updated without any conflict. That is why it takes a little longer when download the updates.

This software is a secure and effective choice you could make for the better performance of your PC. With Auslogics, you get to undo the quick actions if you accidentally did something wrong. Do not give it second thought get the paid version to open the gate for unlimited updates.

Features of Auslogics

  • Auslogics have a comprehensive scanning ability.
  • It creates a coherent scan report.
  • With this software, you can ensure smooth performance for your PC.

Our Opinion Regarding Auslogics

We recommend this software because of its smooth performance.

8. Driver Easy – Basic Driver Updating Software

Driver Easy makes your life easy with its advanced features and additional tools. It is capable of scanning driver updates quickly. You can rely on the scan report that Driver Easy generates because, with our experience, we found out that it didn’t miss any outdated driver.

It is available in a free version, but we recommend going for the paid version because of its efficiency. With the paid version, you get the desired results. But also get detailed information to go smart with this software.

Features of Driver Easy

  • Driver Easy has a sleek interface.
  • That software can be installed on your PC quickly.
  • It has a better backup ability.

Our Opinion Regarding Driver Easy

We will recommend this software because of its simplicity and smooth performance.

9. Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is an impressive software because it really does its job smartly. This software is capable of detecting outdated drivers with just one scan. That means you don’t have to wait for it to take hours and hours and then generate the scan report.

You cannot just update the drivers with Smart Driver care. But you also get to fix the driver and retain their current version. Moreover, this software is compatible with all the versions of Windows. You get it downloaded to make it take care of the system.

Features of Smart Driver Care

  • Smart Driver Care does not occupy much space of the system memory.
  • It has the excellent ability to fix corrupted drivers.
  • This software uses reliable sources for driver updates.

Our Opinion Regarding Smart Driver Care

We will recommend this software because of its advanced features.

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Closing Remarks: Best Driver Updating Software

The given information is all you need to make a wise decision. Whatever task you accomplish with your PC, you need to do it efficiently. The efficiency of the system comes from its drivers. Therefore, for the health of your PC, you must download this software.

Hopefully, our article helps you in getting the software that suits you best. If you still think we missed something, do let us know so that we can include that too.

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