9 Best Android App Development Software

Here we are, with yet another list of software that can help you resolve issues. Well, who doesn’t use Android these days? Nearly everyone has this gadget, and no one wants to get rid of it. This very fact makes Android development a successful business. You can accomplish this task of Android development even more efficiently by trying your hands on the best android app development software.

Android development is a fruitful business. More and more people are landing in this field because success is guaranteed. This field is full of competition. To come up with the best, you should learn the basics very well. In this regard, you can use the android programming software to then become able to conquer this field.

Let’s not forget the fact that the Android developers require these software’s to come up with the latest versions of mobile phones. Whatever particular reason you have, you will definitely like to have the best. So, in order to make that sure, we bring you the list of the best android app development software.

List of Best Android App Development Software

Now that you have developed quite an idea about the best android app development software. The next step is to lead you to choose the one that suits you the best. Internet is flooded with various software, each claiming to be outstanding. It actually requires you to use one to see whether it’s true or not.

Sounds like a waste of too much time? We understand your problem, which is why we conducted research and came up with the given below leading software in this category. These software will make sure you get your job done, potentially.

  1. B4A
  2. Android Studio
  3. Firebase
  4. Android Debug Bridge
  5. Mockplus
  6. IntelliJ IDEA
  7. Genymotion
  8. NimbleDroid
  9. Unreal Engine

Best Android Programming Software

Let’s get into the details of the above-stated software so that you can make your decision easier.

1. B4A – Best Android Development Software

B4A is the highly featured software that allows developers to create Android applications. This software is used by various well-known companies and organizations. It is trusted worldwide. B4A is bought into the market solely for Android development. This very fact makes this software suitable for your particular needs related to Android development.

Moreover, B4A software is one of the best android development software that offers its services for free. Developers can really take advantage of this software just to have more than enough knowledge for developing Android. Its programming language is pretty straightforward. Don’t miss out on the chance to benefit from B4A.

Features of B4A

  • Use a visual editor to alter the views as per your desire.
  • Support for RTP and SIP.
  • Best free android development software.
  • Different network support.
  • Registration proxy support.

Why Choose B4A

Basic4andriod comes featured with all the necessary features one requires to develop an Android app. This experience will then lead you to accomplish the task of developing Android in a better way. Whether you are associated with some organization or want to run your own, experience is a must. And that is exactly what you can get to B4A.

2. Android Studio – Best Programming App for Android

Android Studio is another popular name when talking about the best android programming software. In fact, it is an official IDE for Android. This platform contains everything one requires to build an Android app. Bring your unique ideas to life and make an impact on Android users. Furthermore, Android Studio is one of the best programming app for android that comes free of cost bundled with advanced features.

With this incredible software, you get to build quality apps that work smoothly on any device. Android Studio keeps bringing new versions to meet the current standards. It comes featured with real-time profilers to provide you the statics for your app’s memory, network activity, and CPU.

Features of Android Studio

  • Intelligent code editor.
  • Best programming app for android.
  • Visual layout editor.
  • Flexible build system.
  • Fast emulator and APK analyzer.

Why Choose Android Studio

The extensive list of features of Android Studio makes it worth a shot. You will find its functioning a bit complex. But after having to know this software, you will be able to create impactful applications.

3. Firebase – Best Android App Developer Software

Firebase is known for its better performance. This software is powered by Google that adds even more to the efficiency of the Firebase. It is loved by many Android developers, because it integrates easily with your favorite tools like AdMob, Data Studio, Slack, Jira, etc. As you already know Firebase is backed by Google and is also known as one of the best android app developer software due to its premium features.

Moreover, Firebase solves complex challenges and optimizes your app experience. You get to grow user engagement, add new functionality to the app, and personalize your onboard flow. The help documentation that this software comes with resolves your issue of getting familiar with Firebase.

Features of Firebase

  • Boost engagement with analytics.
  • One of the leading best android app developer software.
  • Blackened infrastructure to accelerate app development.
  • Prepackaged, open-source bundles to automate development tasks.
  • Cloud messaging.

Why Choose Firebase

We will recommend this software because of its smooth performance. It offers you an unlimited free trial option to get started with. After that, you can upgrade to the paid version to use this software to the fullest of its potential.

4. Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge is the tool that is widely used for debugging. It allows you to communicate with a device. It’s actually the command-line feature of Android Debug Bridge that makes it worth it. You get to facilitate commands like debugging apps, installing apps, and above all, you get access to Unix shell.

Moreover, its client-server program lets you accomplish the task of Android development like no other. This server comprises three components. A client that runs on the development machine and is responsible for sending commands. A daemon that makes a command run on the device. And lastly, a Server, that is responsible for communication between client and daemon.

Features of Android Debug Bridge

  • Manage your projects.
  • Test the app to ensure quality.
  • Allows you to write code for the app

Why Choose Android Debug Bridge

There are various reasons we can use to support this software. One that is worth mentioning is that Android Debug Bridge comes with a detailed guide. With this guide, you get to learn about each and every step you intend to take when developing an Android app.

5. Mockplus

Mockplus is the software you can use for multiple tasks like prototyping and app development. This software occupies a good reputation in the market because of its interactive and intuitive interface. It comes featured with nearly all the features an Android developer wishes to have.

Moreover, this software offers fast design creation. Which means it will not hang or lag when you are dealing with your job. Most of the users go for Mockplus because it is absolutely free. What can be more wonderful than you being able to implement your ideas on a platform that is full of features?

Features of Mockplus

  • Easy to customize UI libraries.
  • Full Sketch integration.
  • Real-time Collaboration.
  • Reuse assets to save hours of work.
  • Fully integrated with Cloud.

Why Choose Mockplus

This software is highly recommended because of multiple reasons. Firstly, it occupies a good reputation in the market. Secondly, it comes equipped with a vast number of advanced features. Lastly, using Mockplus will encourage you to implement your ideas in the best possible way.

6. IntelliJ IDEA – Best Android Game Development


IntelliJ IDEA is yet another Android programming software that is known to be the best. This software is designed to enhance the productivity of developers. Utilizing this platform will encourage you to explore and implement what you are capable of. It works pretty smoothly and efficiently. You can get your job done in a relatively lesser time when compared to other such software. If you are a Android game developer then you should must try this software because it famous as one of the best android game development software among Android Game Developers.

When it comes to the programming language and its implementation, you should look no further but IntelliJ IDEA. It is important to note that the functioning of this software is complex. It is not beginner-level software. But it is for those who are skilled and are ready to launch their products in the market. With this software, you will absolutely fall in love with your job. Ergonomic design and intelligent coding are what make IntelliJ IDEA the best of its kind.

Features of IntelliJ IDEA

  • Use relevant suggestions to develop the app.
  • Smart code completion
  • Integrated version control systems.
  • Support for various languages and frameworks.
  • The best android game development software.
  • Automates the tedious and repetitive development tasks.

Why Choose IntelliJ IDEA

This software ensures a smooth workflow experience with its deploying, debugging, design, building, and implementation. It guarantees success for the software that you build with its smart features. You can even use plugins to integrate into editors. IntelliJ IDEA is a fun and productive Android programming software.

7. Genymotion – Best Android Arogramming Software

Genymotion is yet another software that helps you with testing the Android app that you have developed. With this software, you get to preview the application under 3,000 device scenarios. Genymotion is highly compatible software. When it comes to performance, it is unbeatable. Moreover, you get instant access to unlimited virtual devices that can run simultaneously for parallel testing.

Another reason for Genymotion’s popularity is that it comes with pre-installed Android graphics and images. You can even utilize the various widgets and sensors. It is a cross-platform tool that supports multiple programming languages. Genymotion is a famous and the best android programming software that you can rely on not just for performance but also for security and reliability.

Features of Genymotion

  • Easy to use and integrate with APIS & SDKs.
  • Successful and best android programming software.
  • Hardware sensors allow you to stimulate every imaginable scenario.
  • Spawn as many Virtual Devices as you want with Genymotion Cloud.
  • Emulate 3000+ virtual Android device configurations

Why Choose Genymotion

We will recommend Genymotion because of various reasons. Firstly, because of the extensive list of features. Secondly, it comes with frequent updates so that you can compete well in the market. Lastly, before launching your app, you get to see whether it meets the criteria. This saves you from any loss.

8. NimbleDroid

NimbleDroid is another well-known software that you can use to test the application before launching them in the market. If you are a professional Android developer you probably know how important it is to test the application. That way you get able to see if the application has bugs, memory leaks, or any other error that might not prove fruitful.

Moreover, you get to test the speed and smoothness of the application. You will be glad to know that well-known companies like Pinterest, Mozilla, and Yahoo have used NimbleDroid. It comes with frequent updates so that you can utilize the advanced feature to make a success out of Android application development.

Features of NimbleDroid

  • Instantly get alters for crashes, slowdowns, and other critical issues.
  • Identify the performance regression.
  • Track performance history.
  • CI server integration to monitor every build of your app.

Why Choose NimbleDroid

We will recommend this software because of its reputation and fair reviews. The features of NimbleDroid are smart enough to auto-discover the flaws once you have uploaded the application. You even get notifications about the real cause behind the problem with the application. That way you can fix the issues more accurately.

9. Unreal Engine – Best Android App Development Software

The last best android programming software that we have got on our list is Unreal Engine. It is the free open-source cross-platform that you can add to your Wishlist for creating high-level and interactive games. This software is the best option you can get if you are working with real-time technology. With Unreal Engine, you get enough freedom and control to launch the best-in-class applications.

Moreover, the blueprint system makes your life much easier because with that you don’t have to get too much into coding. That and other automated features make Unreal Engine an easy app for beginners.

Features of Unreal Engine

  • Advanced real-time 3D creation tools.
  • Automated data prep and data conversion.
  • Sky, cloud, and environmental lighting.
  • Sequencer nonlinear editor.

Why Choose Unreal Engine

We will recommend Unreal Engine because of its smooth performance and easy-to-use interface. On the other hand, it is easy to use and provides basic information on the front of the software. Easy for beginners who are new to Android App development.

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Verdict: Best Android App Development Software

We have provided a detailed insight into the best android app development software. By the end of this article, you will be able to choose the software that suits you the best. Some software is complex, and some are simple. You can choose the one as per your level of experience. With the right software in your hand, you will be able to surpass every hurdle in the way of your success.

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