7 Best Audio Editing Software for Beginners

The quality of the audio is something that makes your content stand out in the best possible manner. Whether you are into video creating, broadcasting, or filmmaking, you will aim to satisfy and attract the audience. Best Audio Editing Software is something that you should add to your list for enhancing the potential of your profession.

Those of you who have just begun their way into content creation. And when I say content, it is any content that involves audio. One of the most popular contents that require manipulating audio is music creation. People seek music for peace, fun, and even to confront their emotions. So, your job in this regard is to give them the best experience with your content.

If you are a beginner, then it will add much to your knowledge that you can use audio editing software for various possibilities. The possibilities that you even never have imagined. With these tools, you get to produce, record, mix, adjust audio. You can even utilize the in-built instruments and effects to control and enhance the quality of your track.

What to Seek in Best Audio Editing Software?

There is an immense number of audio editing software on the internet. And if you are a beginner, you cannot decide what to look for in the best audio editing software. Well, I’m about to resolve your issue by sharing the facts to seek in the Best Audio Editing Software.
Software that easily adds background music to any type of content.

  • The one that can mute the entire audio file split the audio, and adjust the position.
  • Capable of performing tasks like cutting, pasting, merging, converting, and copying the audio file.
  • The software supports various file formats so that you don’t have to get into file format conversion.
  • Comes featured with various effects like add amplification, fade in and fade out, etc.
  • Software that has an easy and intuitive interface.

Don’t get discouraged with an idea that it’s only audio composers and beginners who can accomplish the task of audio editing. Because I’m here to tell you that even a person with little or no knowledge can make a success with audio editing software that is best in every regard.

List of Best Audio Editing Software

Now that I’ve made it explicit that not every software is the one that you are seeking. When you are searching for the best audio editing software, you will be bombarded with hundreds of software. That is where the real trouble begins. You can’t seem to choose the one that is appropriate for you. You can also check here some Best Music Editing Software.

Well, it’s not just with you, but every beginner encounters the same confusion. I’m here to provide you with detailed insight into the software that suits the best for beginners. You can absolutely rely on the software that is about to be shared. Because I’ve gathered them based on the research and personal experience.

  1. Wavepad Audio Editor
  2. Acoustica Standard Edition
  3. Ocenaudio
  4. FL Studio
  5. Audacity
  6. Sound Forge
  7. Adobe Audition

Best Audio Editing Software for PC

Let’s get into the details of each of the above-stated software. That way it will become easy for you then choose the one that is most appropriate for you. Listed below are some amazing and best audio editing software for PC that can help you to flourish your productivity.

1. Wavepad Audio Editor

Wavepad is the ultimate solution you can get for editing and recording music and audio files. When you are editing the file, you can accomplish tasks like cuts, copy, and paste different parts from the recording. Moreover, adding effects like noise reduction, echo, and amplification is what Wavepad Audio Editor is popular for.

This software supports various file formats like VOX, WMA, AU, AIF, GSM, FLAC, real audio, and many others. Wavepad is absolutely free of cost, which makes it perfect fir for beginners to try their hands on audio editing. It is also available in the premium version but, you won’t be forced to upgrade until and unless you don’t want to.

You can avail of hundreds of different features to get your audio to soothe the ear of listeners. Its interface is also pretty easy to get familiar with. You can accomplish various tasks with just a few clicks. Wavepad is without any compromise a best audio editing software for PC.

Features of Wavepad Audio Editor

  • Bookmark, scrub and search audio for precise editing.
  • Batch processing for applying effects.
  • Audio restoration features.
  • DirectX and Virtual Studio Technology DLL (VST) plugin support.
  • Export the audio file to video with image visualization.
  • Supports almost all audio file formats.

2. Acoustica – Best Audio Editing Software for Windows 10

Acoustica is yet another audio editing software that promises to bring in the best results. It has successfully been used by podcasters, YouTubers, and filmmakers. It is available in Premium and Standard edition. I would recommend the standard edition to beginners because it’s easy and low cost. In addition, Acoustica is one of the best audio editing software for Windows 10.

The low cost doesn’t mean that it is just a basic purpose software. In fact, it comes featured with a wide range of tools. Acoustica Standard Edition offers Audio Unit, VST, and VST3 support. Not just this but, with the Remix tool you get to split a mix up into five stems and then remix them in real-time. Sounds like a dream? But you can actually implement it with this incredible software.

Key Features of Acoustica Standard Edition

  • 32-bit state of art audio resolution support.
  • Plug-ins, processing tools, and chains.
  • Integrated audio resolution tool for adjusting background noise.
  • Time stretches or loop clips directly from the multitrack timeline.
  • Wavelet analysis, spectrogram, and spectrum.
  • Best audio editing software for Windows 10.
  • Offers email support for instant feedback.
  • Utilize it for free for 30 days.

3. Ocenaudio – Best Audio Editing Software for Podcasts

Ocenaudio is the best software that beginners can get to implement their ideas and create content that drives impact. It suits beginners because it has an easy interface. You don’t require any prior knowledge to get familiar with the function and features of Ocenaudio. That is because every tool is descriptive, you just need to know when and where to use the feature.

Moreover, Ocenaudio is one of the most popular and best audio editing software for podcasts that supports VST plugins. These plugins allow you to get access to even more effects and tools. You get to apply the crucial effects like filtering, gain, and EQ. Although it is a simple platform, you get to produce audio like a pro. The real-time preview feature allows you to test the audio for yourself before making it publish. Ocenaudio is loved because of its simplicity.

Features of Ocenaudio

  • Cross-platform support.
  • Ocen Framework for audio manipulation, editing, and analysis.
  • Simple and attractive graphical user interface.
  • Best audio editing software for podcasts.
  • Real-time preview effects.
  • No limit to the quantity or length of the audio file.
  • Fully featured spectrogram to analyze the spectral content.
  • It updates the display immediately.

4. FL Studio – Best Audio Editing Software for Professionals

FL Studio is the cross-platform that is being used by music creators. It is s little advanced when it comes to the features. FL Studio is more of a music sequencer and digital audio workstation. Well, you don’t need to be worried about all the advanced features if you are a beginner. You can start with basic features. However, FL Studio has counted among the best Audio Editing Software for Professionals.

Moreover, this software offers great speed and functionality. With this software, you will get to create music like professionals. You will be glad to learn that Fl Studio comes with a one-time subscription. That means all the future updates are free. This software is best because you can use it to create basic as well as featured content. In addition to this, you can avail of the customer care service for the solution of problems.

Features of FL Studio

  • Step sequencer for filling in the empty spaces of audio.
  • Grid-style interface for making you able to select features easily.
  • Sound library to give you access to hundreds of samples.
  • Digital mixer for mixing the audios flawlessly.
  • Advanced automation, plugin delay compensation, effects chains, and sidechain control.
  • Over 400 multi-sampled instruments for producing soundtracks.
  • Best Audio Editing Software for Professionals.
  • FL Studio comes with frequent updates.

5. Audacity – Best Audio Editing Software for Beginners

Audacity is yet another audio editing software that has proved best for beginners. You would probably be familiar with MP3 editing. Audacity is the software that you should for to open gates of possibilities. This software offers its services for free. That makes it a perfect fit for beginners. Its functioning and features are also pretty easy. Audacity is one of the best audio editing software free.

Moreover, Audacity comes packed with plenty of features. You get to loop, trim and insert the track to produce high-quality results. With Audacity Free, you get to utilize unlimited undo and redo actions. Not just this, but to process your tracks in an organized manner, you can label the clips with Sync-Look feature. Without any doubt, Audacity is recognized for its amazing features and is also known as the best audio editing software for beginners.

Features of Audacity

  • Export the audio recording and music in various formats.
  • You get to record live audio from the microphone of your PC.
  • Generate tones, silence, noise, instruments, or rhythm track.
  • Best audio editing software for beginners.
  • Reduce or Isolate Vocals given suitable stereo tracks.
  • Noise Reduction to remove static, hum, hiss, or other constant background noises.
  • Change the pitch without altering the tempo.
  • Real-time preview of Audio Unit, LADSPA, VST, and LV2 effects.

6. Sound Forge

Sound Forge is yet another beginner-friendly audio editing software. We added this software is our list because of various reasons. Firstly, its interface and features are easy to get familiar with. Secondly, Sound Forge offers various production tools like audio mixing, mastering, recording, and processing. Sound Forge is well known audio editing tool and is one of the best audio editing software for windows.

Thirdly, it comes in two versions, one that you can use at your early editing stages. And second that you can use when you have acquired enough experience. That is beneficial in the sense that after having to learn basic functioning, you don’t have to look for some other software for professional editing. But you can utilize the one that is already familiar with. Lastly, because of the smooth and efficient performance. This software is best in all regards.

Features of Sound Forge

  • Save frequently-used commands as one-click actions.
  • Best audio editing software for Windows.
  • Multichannel Recording and Remote recording.
  • You get to use 11 unique plugins.
  • Virtual studio technology (VST) support.
  • Comes with frequent updates.

7. Adobe Audition – Best for Professional Use

Adobe is a well-known name in technology. When it comes to audio editing Adobe Audition never misses the chance to please us with its easy-to-use interface. It is powerful software that you can use for video post-production, podcast recording, and editing, and much more. Adobe Audition comes featured with a dual design of multi-track editor and waveform editor.

You can utilize the endless features for composing content that drives impact. You get to fix the audios for giving your audience the best experience. If you have used some other software by Adobe, it’s a plus for you. Because Adobe Audition’s interface is almost the same.

Features of Adobe Audition

  • Deep integration features.
  • Integrated audio resolution tool for adjusting background noise.
  • Export the audio file to video with image visualization.
  • Time stretches or loop clips directly from the multitrack timeline.
  • No limit to the quantity or length of the audio file.

Final Word: Best Audio Editing Software

We have listed all the best software that you can utilize for basic level audio editing. Some software is free, while some come with a subscription. You know well than anyone else about where you stand. With the provided details, you will be able to make the right decision. Now it’s your turn to give it a try, and do let us know if we missed any important software which is quite helpful regarding audio editing purposes.

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